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The quality of using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully.

OfficeAjo uses a 3FA security layer to protect users from unauthorized access. Our payment partners are PCIDSS complaint and constantly evolve with industry best practice internet security.The security of your data is paramount to us and as such, we embark on routine security checks.

All contributors on rotational thrift by default have insurance cover upon verification and approval to join a thrift. When an unforeseen circumstances arises, the insurance pays an insurance premium to cover the subscribers obligation to the rest of the group members. Please see terms and conditions for our insurance cover. In the event of death, upon subsequent notification and verification, a contributor's next of kin will be contacted and subsequently credited. Please see insurance terms and conditions. Our partner, Leadway Assurance, provides insurance cover for all contributors

The minimum goal amount you can subscribe to is N100,000 and the maximum is N10,000,000

You can only contribute one-third of your salary

Yes you can join up to three rotational thrifts provided one-third of your salary can cover your obligations

OfficeAjo steps in to take on the defaulter's obligation to keep the rotational thrift going while we notify the defaulter's organisation through his/her HR to redeem the defaulted amount and the interest charged interest for defaulting. We verify all subscriber on the rotational thrift. We verify contributors' organisation before on-boarding them, employment status, salary and credit profile.

We charge a prevailing market rate of 2% per month on default. This will be prorated.

Please click on organisation not listed? please request tab just immediately under the 'select your organisation' tab to allow get the details of your orgainsation, HR and also to do our background check on your organisation

Yes, you can provided your fellow contributors agree to let you take his/her slot. Kindly click the ''member switch'' tab in your dashboard to send a switch request to the contributor occupying your desired slot.

You can be with a minimum of three and a maximum of 12.

The tenor depends on the number of people in your group. If you are in a rotational thrift with 10 people, your tenor will be 10 months. This means that you will be contributing your own portion of the goal amount for 10 months. The minimum and maximum tenor are 3 and 12 months respectively.

Only full time employee can join. Contract staff and part-time staff are not eligible to join a rotational thrift. We verify the employment status of all contributors before approving them to join a thrift

You can use your debit or credit card to fund your wallet. However, all contributors on rotational thrift scheme must activate an automated direct debit mandate they are accepted to join any group

Your general wallet is the interface between your bank account and OfficeAjo. Funds can be moved from and to your bank account into your general wallet while funds in your thrift wallet can only be moved into your general wallet for transfer into your bank account. Your thrift wallet is meant to service your thrift contribution

The thrift can only be within a year. Each contributor signifies a month. If there are 5 contributors, it means the tenor of the contribution will for 5 months

All investment enlisted are pre-vetted. Yes, your investment is secure, monitored and managed by our partner, Sky Trustee Limited, STL,a foremost trustee in Nigeria that is duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Investment packages are sold in units. You can purchase any unit you can afford.

Yes. However, to liquidate,your investment will be prorated and you will be charged a fee of 1% on the due amount for redeeming your investment before maturity.

You can fund your investment wallet directly from your general wallet. Subsequently, you can them move funds into your investment wallet.

You will get N250 per referral.

When a user is active on the rotational thrift savings or has invested in any of the pre-vetted investments.

Yes, you can withdraw your referral earnings immediately.

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