Joining an esusu/ajo has never been this easy and fast.

OfficeAjo is a simplified rotating contribution system, that allows verified employees across various organisations to contribute and recieve money in turns.

We are in partnership with Providus Bank and Leadway Assurance

Not only are your funds safe with us, you get a Providus Bank virtual account upon sign up and contributors are insured against unforeseen circumstances.

We just made esusu/ajo borderless

Join an esusu/ajo with other verified employees across Nigeria.

Migrate your existing Ajo groups. Let's take off the burden from you.

Contributors can now see their due dates, collection dates, switch turns, and automatically transfer collections to their accounts all from their dashboard

Building Wealth is a Life Long Journey

Chart Your Path to Financial Freedom

Access Interest-free Loan

Say no more to high cost of borrowing. Leverage on other employees like you to achieve your life goals such as car purchase, marriage, land and housing acquisition while we provide you with the background checks, secure platform and insurance cover.

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Start Investing

Be in charge of your finances. Why settle for so little and charges-eroded returns when you can access a window of pre-vetted, risk-free, and competitive return on investments across multiple investment class?

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Refer and Earn

We offer you an instant and redeemable cash reward by referring your colleagues, friends, and family when they start a rotational ajo savings or investment.

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How It works

Start An Ajo



Fill your personal details in 30 secs


Join an Ajo

Select your goal amount, number of contributors, organisation and account statement


We verify

With our automated system, we verify your co-contributors employment with the selected organisation, employment type, credit history, earnings and the solvency of his or her organisation while we also provide you with insurance cover


Take turns

We auto-debit your account on due date to make your contribution with our secure and PCIDSS complaint payment gateway


Receive your funds

We credit your account instantly on your payment due date

Start Investing



Fill your personal details in 30 secs



Start investing in a bouquet of verified and a trustee-managed investments across different investment class.



Watch your funds grow and begin to earn.

Why Use OfficeAjo?

Insurance cover

We provide you with an insurance cover against job loss, death, critical illness and accidental total and permanent disability in addition to our on-the-spot verification exercise about your co-contributors' employment status. Please click to see insurance term and conditions

Interest-free borrowing

Our platform serves your interest as an employee through the principle of mutual help, to achieve life goals such as car purchase, marriage, land and housing acquisition and other projects as they deem fit by leveraging on fellow employees' contributions

Access to investments

Choose verified investments that suite your risk appetite. With OfficeAjo, you can access a window of pre-vetted stable,risk-free, and high-return investments in across multiple investment class.

Secure and Convenient

Your financial security is our utmost concern. OfficeAjo uses a Three-factor Authentification(3FA) security layer and our payment processing partners maintains the banking and financial services industry internet security standards to protect your data from unauthorised access.

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OfficeAjo has reduced my exposure to high-interest loan acquisiton.

Now I can borrow so low and make much by investing in competitive investments.

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